We have been working in the archive this month searching for requested designs. And we have added luscious pen and ink drawings to our growing collection.

Take a look and let us know what suits your fancy.
Call or email with questions and requests. 

You know I love pen and ink drawing from all eras. These are circa 2022 from our friend and super talented artist, Pam Morgan.
She mixes the fruit & blossoms with the bees and bugs that help pollinate the flowers. These will be lovely printed with red ink or the perfect shade of green or even black on a natural linen. 

When designers and students are in the Studio, they often ask what my favorite designs are. It changes every time a design request comes in which helps me focus on the project at hand. I must say however that our book of small, gouache paintings circa 1895 is a perennial favorite.
These doodles are used for label art, logos, embroidery motifs, motifs for tossed & geo layouts and for cards & small paper goods.
How would you use them? 

Everything’s coming up roses! They are our most requested flower this month as designers work on a variety of seasons. From delicate to modern and bold, roses are understood and beloved all year long. And why not with over 300 species to use? They come in every color of the rainbow and then some.

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