We are always pleased to be included in Rosenstiels “Be Inspired” series. They have a new Look Book and Collection called “Delicate Beauty” which you can see below. Since 1880, Rosenstiels is one of the world’s leading publishers of fine art prints and posters to the trade in over 100 countries. 

“Delicate Beauty” is a visually stunning collection of art for home & environments. With their images, their description is beautifully written for this global trend in art, home & fashion. In part it reads, “This collection is both subtle & romantic & full of careful complexities.”
Look for Loft Studio under each title in this Collection to see our Delicate Beauties.

The opposite of Delicate Beauty, Refined Retreat is about “having a personal & private space just for you.” To this we would add sophisticated space especially when looking at Page 41 of this Be Inspired Look Book. The two Art Deco inspired Geometric Gems from Loft Studio (that’s us!) are visual powerhouse wall art.
Go to to see all their “Be Inspired” series. Search Loft Studio for our wall art with them.

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