Throughout summer we’ve been gathering beautiful French antique cotton fichu and paintings on paper. Which are your favorites?

These three French block printed Fichu, or cotton squares, are early to late 19th century with gorgeous colors. They feel like summer fading to early fall, just like this time of year. For tabletop and napkins? Ceramic inspiration? For pillow tops? Apparel? How about simply for bandanas or scarves for fall?

We are always excited to add new painting to the archive. These are crops of three of our “newest” French paintings. Two are 19th century and the golden stylized Jacobean is early 20th century. We love the colors and the layouts. Cameos and cartouches have been requested recently by customers in home textiles and décor, wall coverings, paper goods and outerwear. 

We had such fun responses to our photo shoot outtakes from Newsletter #113, here are a couple more. Can you spot the one that is from 2008? It was taken at The Cottage on Queen Anne while we were unpacking the archive of our dear friend, Christine Greiner. 14 years ago!

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