Summer is in full swing everywhere, including Seattle.
We’re having fun in the studio! Come join us. 

New, hand painted, silk designs from Shun Lee are on every table in the studio as we sort and prepare them for presentation. These three in hot, summer colors are good company with geos, nautical, scenics and fruit conversationals. 

Designers loved block prints on light grounds for spring and summer. Now we have requests for block prints on dark grounds for fall and winter. Designers want them for shirting, knit prints, tabletop and sheeting. We love these circa 1840-1860 examples on wool challis recently discovered in the archive. We like to think of them as antique foulards.

We have had some fun in a recent photo shoot with our colleague of oh-so-many-years, Aimee Jameson. Here are some outtakes. Aimee is launching a new career soon. We’ll tell you about it when she’s ready to share the details. You know it’ll be great because everything she does is that way.   

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