This is an all painting newsletter!

Although men are not wearing ties as often as they once did, these circa 1930 paintings for neckwear jacquards are super useful for geos for shirts, shorts, skorts and pants. We like them for knits and for larger scale jacquards for home textiles, too. 

Floral paintings are on our minds as spring sprouts everywhere this month. These are circa 1920, 1980 & 1960.

We love the mix of new art to the archive mixing it up with a textured French Geo circa The last time we shared a small group of these circa 1895 mini-paintings, people reacted with such delight. It was really the fact that these are like doodles in a designer’s portfolio of ideas. They are snippets of the imagination. If you are interested in any of these or seeing more, let us know.

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