Three news flashes to share with you today!

Introducing: Louise Dean!
Louise is now working with us as a Designer and CAD artist. Many of you know her as a Designer with her own studio as well as from her time at A&F, where we first met.
We have just added about two dozen of her paintings (with files) to the shop and the collection in Seattle, including her signature floral.
Click here for the shop and Louise’s art.

Dozens of original Paintings and Embroideries added to the archive. 
This assortment of naïve florals, conversationals, companion prints and embroideries are examples of whimsical art added this week.
They are so cute and colorful, it is a delight to see them. Best seen over Zoom or from images, let us know what works best for you. 

More new to the Online Store.
Here are three examples of vintage documents now digitized and in the shop. Over 30 florals, tropicals and geos were added to the shop in the last few weeks.
When you purchase from the shop, you receive the original document and the digital files. Pretty sure that’s unique in the vintage world.  

Whether you are working from home or in the office, email us for inspiration to help solve your Design Puzzle. Your Design Package will be hand-selected for you and sent virtually or actually.
 You can also shop our online store where we add new designs every week. Use our PinBoard feature to gather prints you love!