Spring/Summer 2019 Color Trend: Women’s

Dec. 6
- 2017 -

Looking ahead to Spring/Summer 2019, we are referencing our CAUS color forecast again to help us select prints for our clients. The color standards that make it to the CAUS color card are chosen by a committee of experts in that sector of design and business.

This season’s color trends are all about the contrast between our Earth’s environment and the technological leaps being made.  The global climate is represented in warm, spice shades of color and levels of teal. Neutral colors, especially rich browns, are important in grounding color palettes and pale, soft shades (while not being pastel) help set a calm tone. Lastly, the rapid growth of technology is represented in bright happy colors.

Above you will see a few prints that we selected based on the CAUS color forecast.