Spring 2019 Color Trend: Men’s

Dec. 13
- 2017 -

This season’s color trend for men is centered around demolishing the old and finding the new. Similar to the women’s color trends we discussed last week, this trend talks about searching out new advancements and opportunities. With that said, we return to the Earth for men’s color with the idea that men are returning to their ancient roles of hunters and warriors, as a means of searching out new opportunity. CAUS states that “Men’s colors continue to gravitate towards minimal, light and versatile style.” Light colors, neutrals and rich environmental colors hold key importance during the Spring and Summer seasons.

We expect to see tonal shades inspired by the forest floor sitting alongside warm desert tones. The blue period that we’ve been in will transition towards green hues. This color trend will work exceptionally well with tropical prints, textures and light hearted foulard prints.