Spring 2019 Color Trend: Youth

Dec. 20
- 2017 -

This week we wrap up our look at 2019 color with Youth color trend. CAUS states, “This generation shakes off the old boundaries, and seeks a new state of happiness personally, collectively, communally, enhancing their ability to perform and experience the world as a better place.”

To represent this idea, we look to three key color stories. First, psychedelic, bright colors convey new levels of happiness.┬áSecond, as an interesting spin this season, we’ll see colors that are a little bit abnormal or a combination of two colors. And lastly, contrast between warm and cools, light and darks and bright and dull colors represents the disconnect and departure from past norms.

The prints featured this week help convey these ideas. Feeling inspired? If you would like to see more, we invite you to request a Design Package through the Services section of our website.