The Complete Color Harmony Pantone Edition

Nov. 29
- 2017 -

This week we are chatting with color expert, Leatrice Eiseman who has just launched her newest book. We invite you to learn more below!

1.) You’ve written a number of books, what makes this book timely?

It was really time for an update on a series of books that have become color classics in the library of anyone involved in the use of color.  There are certain basic color premises, but even in the world of color, there can be an evolvement of concepts and that is what I have done with this book.  It came a re-do more than an up-date, including: What Color Says About You, Color Temperatures and Color Meanings, Color Forecasting, Branding, Color Moods and Combinations and several other important areas for color understanding or validation.

2.) Tell us a little bit about your process of writing a book from idea to publishing?

Except for the very first book, the publisher sought me out.  However, the first book was a challenge.  It was done in the 80s when publishers were just not all onboard in understanding the need for books on color. It took a lot of convincing, but then I finally found a publisher who “got it” as he was a real color lover and owned a printing company as well as his publishing operation.  So after seven turn-downs, I found the best possible publisher and that company eventually published four more of my 10 books:  Alive With Color eventually morphed into More Alive with Color, and then there was: The Color Answer Book and Colors for Your Every Mood.  All but the first book Alive With Color (out of print and really updated in More Alive With Color) are available by contacting our website:

3.) What else would you like our readers to know?

Some of the elements of the book might be known to some readers, but as far as color is concerned, there is always something new to learn.  The intention of the book is not to dictate color directions or combinations, but to start a thought process and provide inspiration about color and how some things have changed, while others remained constant.

I will be doing a winter class on Color and Design here on Bainbridge Island. The dates are February 1-4, 2018.  We have occasionally done classes in California where I winter, but decided to stay put in February.  We all know that the Northwest can be special in winter and hope that others will see that too!

For any further information, please visit Leatrice’s website.


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