We are so lucky in our industry to work with amazingly creative people with gorgeous textiles, too.

Our two stories below are examples of what we mean. 

October is a big month for our friend, Eileen Applebaum. She launched a direct sales website for her passion project: decorative pillows created from her personal collection of antique and vintage textiles, hand made in New York City.

These textiles are fantastic and were collected over thirty-plus years of work with noteworthy brands and travel in the textiles and interiors space. She is now sharing them with all of us through THREADS.

Sign up for her newsletter and follow her on Instagram. Eileen signed her first newsletter, “With kindness and love” which tells you exactly who she is and what she brings to THREADS.

These fall florals reflect colors we are seeing outside in the gardens on these crisp, fall days. Packed layouts have been requested recently since designers want fuller coverage and vibrant fall colors for their products and brands.
These three do the trick!

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Like you, we are sprinting to the fall and winter holidays for the next three months.
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