This summer we found inspiration in the beautiful, multi-faceted city of Vancouver, BC, Canada.

On a recent jaunt to Vancouver, BC, I saw a compelling exhibit at the Museum of Vancouver called “Dressed for History, Why Costume Collections Matter, Women’s Fashion from 1750-2000.” 

It supports the case all of us in the fashion business understand: clothing is history, and fashion tells the story of the times in which it was worn. 

I was so thrilled to see patterns in our archive were also on garments and mannequins in this inspiring exhibit. They include an Indian Chintz Circa 1790; an English wool challis madder print Circa 1846, and a red cotton bandana circa 1900 worn with a gorgeous Canadian buckskin day jacket. 

This show makes the case to get to Vancouver, BC, Canada, before the end of November, 2023, to see it in person. Or you can purchase the paperback book covering the show in excellent detail from the website shop of the Museum of Vancouver.

If you want to purchase the patterns mentioned above, email us and also watch our Instagram for direct sales. 

Over the summer, we added many new patterns and concepts to the archive. From Sweater season to antique Fall florals on wool challis, we have you covered. If you are working on Spring 2025, we have you covered for Spring prints, too.

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