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and some new art added to the archive. 

Every time I think abstract art is down-trending, I am surprised when it is requested again and again. We are living in abstract times, so I should not be caught off guard by this. Art reflects society, after all. We have small, medium and large scale abstract art for all the products you design. 

We have new hand-drawn pen and ink art of veggies, herbs and flowers. Some include bees and butterflies. Our talented artist, Pam Morgan, has added these to her portfolio recently. They are lovely printed with charcoal on white and are especially beautiful in sepia tones. Olive green ink on cream is delicious. Of course, printed in toile blue these would be classic.  

We have been busy combing the archive for layered art that has both flower elements and geometric elements. We’ve seen it from other studios, as well. Perfect for spring and summer products, these three examples are all circa 1930. If your look is Farmhouse, Coastal, Vintage 50’s or Menswear we have Floral Geos circa 1790-1970 that look modern and fresh. 

Whether you are back working from home or in the office full or part-time, email is for inspiration to help solve your Design Puzzle. Your Design Package will be hand-selected for you and sent virtually or actually. You can also shop our online store. It is back up and open with new tropicals and all-over florals added to the over 450 designs there. Use our PinBoard feature to gather prints you love in one place while you make final choices. 

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