Welcome to our fresh Newsletter format. This edition will be the first of regular editions to share news of art added to the archive and amazing art we find on the shelves, in the flat files and in the baskets. Sometimes there will be origin stories, sometimes technique explanations and sometimes almost no copy at all to let the images tell the story. 

We love tropical prints. They transport us to the beach, the islands, or a boat of any size. This new group contains lush tropical florals, jungle and palm leaves and designs that feel tropical without having hibiscus in them. Adding 40 new designs to others from this same resource gives us a good summer vibe here in the studio.

Just when we think tie dye, “new” camo and abstract geos will downtrend, the requests roll in. We found a new group of these concepts from a trusted resource including a good selection of tie dye. While Pat didn’t like tie dye in the 1960’s, the 80’s or recently, she does like it as a ground that is then overprinted with flowers, geos and especially conversational icons.

Colors are so vibrant trendwise right now that we wanted to find some “new” bright florals on bright grounds. These work so well for home, apparel, or paper goods. They feel fresh tossed but also in gatherings. Who doesn’t love a gathering of fresh, local flowers from the Farmer’s Market?

We are happy to report that our Studio is busier than at any time in the last 16 months. Designers are coming in again to work in person!! We love to have the creative energy in our loft space and to collaborate again on color, print and pattern. Other ways to work with us:  Zoom appointments, actual Design Packages and Digital Image Assortments. What is best for you?

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