On the Streets of New York

Apr. 5
- 2017 -

Today is the first day of the DesignBLOC show! We hope to see a few of you there. Before setting up for the show, we had the chance to roam the streets and take in what’s going on in New York City.

  • In the first photo above, you will see the side gates of the original JP Morgan Library, they are intricate and inspirational for filigree prints. The Morgan Library & Museum has a few excellent exhibits. We never miss the intelligent exhibits inside such as the current one about the life and poetry of Emily Dickinson or the National Museum of Sweden’s collection of Rococo paintings.
  • Glamour is still part of New York in so many ways. The lobby of out hotel, Hotel Metro, always has gorgeous flowers to go with the chic, comfortable vibe.
  • On each trip to New York you will find us shopping for our famous red ribbons. We never have enough and M&J Trimming is our favorite place to ribbon shop!
  • Every year we are in NYC for the Macy’s Flower Show. This year’s theme is “Carnival,” it was a riot of color!
  • Check out the Instagram account Blocked NYC. This account gives a write-up on what’s hot in NYC, block by block. Great for trend shopping and eating recommendations!
  • The Orchid Show at the New York Botanical Garden runs thru April 9th. The show’s theme this year is orchids from Thailand.