Designer Spotlight: Ink & Peat

Apr. 12
- 2017 -

Ink & Peat is owned by one of our favorites, Pam Zsori. We have featured this shop in the past but since then, Pam has revitalized their offerings and their mission to be an Oregon retailer focused on hand crafted goods. Planning a trip to Portland? Definitely add this to your list!

  1. What made you decide to venture out on your own and leave the corporate world?

We were living in San Francisco and wanted a slower pace of life. I like to work hard and am dedicated so I began thinking about how to reinvent my career working on my own. I took night classes in floral design and read books on small business for retail. One of my favorite parts of being a textile designer was concept sourcing so that was the initial impetus. Once in Portland, Oregon it took a year and a half  to get the right retail space and get it built out. While waiting for the retail space, I got to work writing my business plan and took retail business classes.

  1. What is the best part about owning your own business?

I love sourcing new products for the shop, meeting the designers and supporting small indie lines. I also love people, hearing their stories and how our products fit into their lives. The customer is key!

  1. Tell us about your brand and what sets you apart?

Ink & peat is a true lifestyle store, an eclectic and modern mix. We have a unique collection of curated goods – home decor, jewelry, personal accessories, candles, body care and women’s clothing.

  1. What long-term opportunities do you see for your creative viewpoint and products?

Under the umbrella of Ink & Peat we have been able to shift to meet our customers needs. When we started, floral design was a part of the mix. In order to stay focused on financial goals, we were able to switch to selling women’s clothing. Since I had a background in apparel and love working with textiles, fabrics, and color, it was an easy transition. That flexibility once the customer trusts your taste and design eye is what makes you stay viable in a very competitive market.

You can find Ink & Peat below:

Instagram: inkandpeat