Patterns Membership

How do you know if Patterns is for you?

Do you love your projects to be colorful and pulled together?

Do you want to print your own paper and fabrics for your projects?

Are you a maker who craves creating with colorful patterns?

Do you need a gift for a maker in your life?

Let’s do it!

Join our Patterns Group!

When you join our Patterns Group, you’ll receive 6-10 curated prints and patterns every month just like professional surface and textile designers use when designing their products. 

Each design starts as art on paper or printed textiles from our archive of designs dating from 1790-1970. You will receive them as digital files ready to print on your home printer or at a favorite print shop.. Think stationery, cards, gift wrap, scrap booking, wall papers, craft papers and more!

The digital pdf you will receive will even allow you to print on fabrics for clothing and home décor using your favorite fabric printer.

You will also receive a separate zip folder with the single standard repeat file for each print in the collection. With this you can easily adjust the scale, width and length of the design before you print it.

PLUS you will receive images of mock ups and photographs of actual projects to inspire your own projects.

OH! I almost forgot: Every month you will also receive a delightful Secret Surprise to add a simple and fun project to your own archive.

This is our Thank You gift to you for joining Patterns and for being a creative who makes the world a prettier and more pattern filled place.

Want ideas for how to work with Patterns? Here are some ways to use the 60-100 patterns you will have to work with over the course of the year.

Consider what you can make with your friends and family, including your kids and your students if you are a teacher.

  • Scrap book pages
  • Cards and stationery
  • Puppets
  • Stars
  • Covered boxes
  • Origami
  • Lanterns
  • Party favors
  • Party hats
  • Seasonal decorations
  • Placemats and napkins on paper or fabric
  • Book marks
  • Party decorations
  • Decoupage
  • Lamp shades
  • Packaging for homemade gifts, such as candles and baked goods

Patterns is for you If you are a crafter, designer, home accessory maker, teacher, scout leader, event planner.

Give Patterns as a gift. Do you need gifts for creatives in your life? If so, then Patterns is for them!

Ready to purchase a gift membership of Patterns? Get started here.

What are the 7 Key Benefits of Patterns for you?

1. You will benefit from 35 years of design experience by the creator, Pat Nugent.

2. You will receive 12 monthly issues of usable patterns.
That’s 6-10 individual designs each month or 60-100 per year.

3. The cost is $190 for 12 months which is $15.83 per month.
Or another way to look at it: $1.60 per design.
That’s less than most sheets of fancy wrapping paper cost…

4. Your first issue will arrive once payment is complete.

5. Subsequent issues will arrive reliably between the 1st and 5th of each month.

6. Joining Patterns is completely secure.

7. Payment is easy and secure with PayPal and major credit cards. 

Join Now

Want to see a sample of Patterns?

Below is a preview from the December 2019 Patterns. You’ll receive a single standard repeat file of each of the 5-10 patterns in each collection.

We promise Patterns will bring more color and decorative surfaces to your crafts and gifts for family and friends. And to what you make for your self.

Thank you for joining our group of Creatives. We can’t wait to see all that you mkae fromyour Patterns membership.

Enjoy your design inspiration from Patterns!


Thank You

Thank you for requesting a personalized Design Package from Patricia Nugent Design and Textiles. Someone from our team will contact you shortly to obtain any additional information needed and to confirm the creation and shipping of your package.

We look forward to providing you exceptional service and inspiring your next design project!

Sincerely, Pat Nugent