There is so much to think about as we come into the fun of Thanksgiving here in America. Here is what we are thinking about in the studio.

Working on projects today for prints with grand flowers and active backgrounds. These circa 1895 designs have all the same motifs and elements but look how differently they can be colored. Swoon worthy, we think!

Working on a project here this week that includes prints circa 1920-25. These snippets of prints are like doodles or starting points of all over prints. All prints start with a wisp of an idea. These are from a Spring 1923 French book that has prints in process and developed prints. 

We have an eclectic assortment of vintage plates, postcards and related Thanksgiving Harvest finds. We like them out in the studio this time of year to remind us that lovely old things bring warmth to our homes and studios. The Pomegranate bowl is circa 1880. The Turkey platter is circa early 1950’s. The Postcard is circa 1900.

Happy Thanksgiving from us here at Patricia Nugent Design to each of you.

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