The last three months of 2021 are here! We are adding new art and newly found vintage to the archive for you. Please take a look.

Our artist, Pam, has been busy creating card and spot print art that are also beautiful when tossed in small scale. These are hand drawn, pen & ink florals that are kissed with color in the lovely way Pam paints over her drawings.
The collection has 15 different drawings, so please email to see more. 

We love autumn plaids mixed with chunky crewel work for apparel or home textile design. We always have a good assortment of large scale plaids as well as embroidery and crewel work. 

Silk neckwear makes stripes and prints appealing for more than neckwear. With people wearing fewer ties these days, we think they inspire knits, woven shirts, PJ’s and other products with a menswear twist. 

We are happy to report that our Studio is busy and happy and energized because Designers are coming in again to work in person!! We love to have the creative spark in our loft space. Other ways to work with us:  Zoom appointments, actual Design Packages & Digital Image Assortments. What is best for you?

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There are designs in most categories now with more added each week.
You can also make pinboards to gather prints you like and hold them there until you decide.