More ways to be inspired!

Sep. 12
- 2019 -

For many years now I have wanted to make our amazing archive somehow available to more creative people – makers, home sewers, scrapbookers, teachers – and yet to still include our current Design Community of professional designers for brands, labels and products of all types. It wasn’t until recently that the way to do this became clear to me.

I have some news to share with you! In September, a new concept will be available so that all of our customers will have two ways to be inspired by Antique and Vintage design from us.

For Designers and Brands: we will enhance our highly successful and exclusive Design Packages with new-to-us original art on paper and textiles. We will continue to exhibit at PRINTSOURCE NY. We will still offer one-on-one appointments showing curated selections and exclusive designs based on your brand’s needs. Designers will still get to touch and feel the real antique documents – see the real colors – and work with true vintage textiles and art.

Be confident of our unwavering support for our Design Customers, many of whom have been with us since 2004. Our mission remains to assist you to be successful, on brand and to bring outstanding surface design to your products.

THE NEWS: We are adding the opportunity for crafters, creatives, decorators and makers to be inspired by non-exclusive prints available for use on whatever they make. This direct-to-consumer product will be in a digital format for printing on paper or fabrics. It will arrive monthly and will reflect our archive’s depth in mini-collections curated by Pat. You can see an example of one of the three collections for September 2019 in our blog images above.

Called PATTERNS, Members will be part of a surface design community that will share projects made from the design inspiration in the monthly installments of PATTERNS.

Learn more about PATTERNS.

Join PATTERNS and get your first 14 new patterns right away.

I must give credit now to people behind the scenes here: The amazing CAD work to prepare this new product is all from the talented hand and design know-how of Claire Nordloh. I met Claire when she was a Designer at Abercrombie and Fitch. Lucky for us here, she is a key part of our team in Seattle.

A shout out, too, to the rest of our designers: Amy Ockerlander, Tori Olson and Rizu Ito. Without these women, Patricia Nugent Design and Textiles would be far less than it is.

In the coming months I’ll be more active on the blog. It will be about trends and colors but also about all of our Designers, whether in house with a brand or as makers and creatives embellishing their projects with colorful surface designs from PATTERNS.

With gratitude,