Designer Spotlight: JLD Studios

Jun. 22
- 2018 -

This week we’re excited to introduce our readers to Jennifer Diana, the founder and creative director of JLD Studios, textile design studio and legging manufacturer.

1.) What inspired you to create your custom legging business?

Our business has evolved over the years, but we’ve always had textile design at the heart.  Once we launched the factory and had the resources to print these textiles, leggings seemed like a natural fit!  We have amazing artists to create the prints, fit technicians to hone the silhouette, and a team of sewers to bring it all home.  Custom printing leggings allows us to utilize all our resources and create a high quality and unique product for our clients.

2.) Who is your customer? Small businesses? Individuals? Special event planners? Designers launching product lines? 

We work with small to mid-sized businesses looking to add leggings to their offering, or magnify their current leggings selection with more customized styles.  Our leggings are a premium quality with fit and construction details to hold up to an active lifestyle.  Basic silhouettes are offered with an assortment of stitch, waistband, length and fabric options.  We also customize designs with any variety of cut and sew, pockets, and prints.  Ideally we like to work with brands catering to the active women, who choose leggings first- whether she is going to cross fit, yoga, hiking, or out for drinks with friends.

3.) What is an ideal quantity for you to run? Or a range?

For orders 100 pieces is our sweet spot. But we’re happy to do 25 to 300 pieces, and samples of course.

4.) Woman owned and operated AND produced in the US! We think you’re doing great work. How are you marketing to reach new customers?

Thanks!! It’s exciting to be creating jobs in the US, especially in apparel manufacturing.  To reach new customers we love Instagram.  It gives a platform to showcase our textile development and some behind the screens around the studio.  Potential clients, near and far, can get a glimpse inside our day to day operation.  We also utilize google and have a fairly robust website.  Inquiries can be done through a contact form or by filling out more specifics about legging or textile design needs.  This helps us get right to the core of customers needs and start the process immediately.


Here at Patricia Nugent Textiles, it is important to us to support other small businesses. Whether you’re looking to expand your business or launch a line of leggings, we think JLD Studios is a great resource and an inspiration.