Designer Spotlight: Mrly

Aug. 30
- 2017 -

As kids head back to school this month, we thought we would share a new brand that recently launched. Mrly is the brainchild of two A&F alum (Kyoko & Trevor) and we think you’ll agree, their new line is quite refreshing. Enjoy!

1.What made you decide to venture out on your own and leave the corporate world?

We had accomplished our goals at A&F and were both looking for a new challenge. We knew that we had a good partnership and didn’t want to lose that so we decided to set out on our own.

2.What is the best part about owning your own business?

The sense of pride you feel with every sale or other milestone is just incredible!

3.Tell us about your brand and what sets you apart?

Our brand is all about simplicity- great colors, fabrics and silhouettes are all you need. There is a tendency to “over-design” in the kidswear industry and we offer a product that is super comfortable, easy to outfit and perfect for everyday use.

4.Can you tell us more about your choice to use Japanese fabrics?

We sought out to find fabrics that we will be proud to offer. Our search led us to a Japanese supplier that has a lot of amazing, great-quality options. They have also been very accommodating to us as a small, new brand. The fact that Kyoko is Japanese really brought it full circle for us and it just made sense.

5.Tell our readers about your partnership with the Ronald McDonald House.

We decided to focus on kidswear because, as parents, our children are so important to us. There are tons of great organizations out there, but Ronald McDonald House was one that really stuck out to us because of the work they do for families that are dealing with some incredibly tough circumstances. After meeting with the team at our local branch, we discussed different ways that we can assist with the expenses that are involved with helping these families. The RMHC team mentioned that one of the biggest expenses for them is doing laundry and, being a clothing company, this sounded like a perfect way for us to help. With every item purchased from mrly, we cover the expenses for one load of laundry for a family in need at the Ronald McDonald House of Central Ohio.

6.What long-term opportunities do you see for your creative viewpoint and products?

We truly believe that our aesthetic is timeless. Fabrics, colors and silhouettes can and will evolve but our emphasis on simplicity will always remain. We are starting off as an online retailer, but would love to have a store of our own at some point in the future. For now, we’re focusing on meeting our customers at various pop-up shops and markets to help spread the word.

7.What one line of advice can you offer to others who are considering a change in their career?

Don’t overthink it. Listen to your gut.


You can find Mrly below:


Instagram: mrlybrand