Behind the Pendleton Rain Boots

Jul. 26
- 2017 -

This week we are thrilled to chat with longtime friend, Harvey Jones, about his joint venture in launching the new Pendleton rain boot!

1. For our readers who are just meeting you, can you tell us a little bit about your background and your current position?

I have a long background in men’s apparel, ranging from manufacturing/branding jeans in the 1970’s, followed by years of collection sportswear. Pat and I worked together for many years at Cutter & Buck, where she was VP of Merchandise and Design and I was Founder/CEO. But more important to this blog is Ed Dalton, the President of Pendleton Boot. Ed has 40 years in the shoe business working for many companies including Timberland, Pony and New Balance. Ed has been the one to design and develop the new collection of Pendleton rain boots.

2. How did you develop the idea to approach Pendleton about using their patterns on rain boots? We love the concept!

Ed had envisioned the concept and had discussions with Pendleton when trying to get another company to do this. When the other company couldn’t pull the trigger, I jumped in and we got rolling quickly.

3. What did the design process look like once you signed the license/use agreement?

Ed immediately started exploring the immense, century-old Pendleton library for Native American designs as well as classic plaids. The opportunities are endless. Pendleton works with many of the most prominent Native American artists each year to design new blankets. This year’s group included Preston Singletary, one of the most famous glass artists in the U.S., whose work stands in the league of Dale Chihuly.

4. The Pendleton National Parks blankets are incredibly iconic. Will readers be a part of giving back to the Parks when they purchase boots?

The National Parks blankets translated to boots incredibly well! At the trade shows, all the stores immediately grab the white Glacier Park boot or the red Rainier National Park boot. They have been a giant hit. And yes, we will be donating a portion of every sale of these boots to the National Parks Foundation, as does Pendleton corporate on all their National Parks designs.

5. When and where can our readers find the Pendleton rain boots?

Starting in August, you can find them in the Pendleton Catalogue, REI, and a ton of women’s shoe stores and outdoor retail stores around the country. In addition, they will be marketed by Pendleton Canada.

6. Is there anything else you would like to tell our readers about this project?

Yes, a portion of all sales of our Native American patterned boots will be donated to the American Indian College Fund. Pendleton has been doing this for a long time, and we are proud to join the effort. I want your readers to understand that Pendleton has a very long history of supporting the Native American culture in this country, and we feel honored to be part of that.

7. Do you see other collaborations similar to this in your brand’s future?

We have our hands full with this one! We have just scratched the surface with our first offering of rain boots, and in the future you can expect to see a broader spread of designs from us, as well as very innovative uses of Native American designs. Perhaps some limited edition boots. Stay tuned….