Designer Spotlight: Betsy Balch

Feb. 15
- 2017 -

This week we’d like to introduce you to Betsy. She is an entrepreneur who has fun creating products she loves and that we all love to wear!

  1. What made you decide to venture out on your own and leave the corporate world?

After a successful 24-year career at Nordstrom it became clearer to me that I needed to flex my creative mind and muscle.  I searched for an entrepreneurial experience as I had grown within my career. With my love of textiles, I looked for an opportunity to build something on my own with in that category. Over time I created my business to indulge my love of art, nature, fashion and all things vintage and started connecting with like-minded customers, now friends, who appreciate my mission.

  1. What is the best part about owning your own business?

The challenge of balancing my independence alongside building a team to support my business objectives like none other I have experienced.  I’ve learned to balance creative needs with business requirements. Developing a brand, designing a unique product offering, running the business day to day and planning for the future are the driving motivators for each day.

  1. Tell us about your brand and what sets you apart?

Cashmere Wrappings has grown primarily into a collection of print scarves in Cashmere, Wool and Silk.  Inspired by Fashion, Art, Nature and Vintage. I design all the prints based on American and European Fashions. My collection of scarves and wraps are created in all natural fibers handcrafted in Nepal exclusively for Cashmere Wrappings.

My commitment to natural fibers, quality of the product and uniqueness of the prints full of color, fashion, sophistication and charm…each and every one has a story.

The second aspect of our business is the impeccable quality of cashmere we deliver. With custom orders and very small minimums a customer may order any color their heart desires. My retailers across the US can custom order colors that work within their region whether color, weight, fiber sizes, all can be customized.

  1. What long-term opportunities do you see for your creative viewpoint and products?

Long term my creative viewpoint will evolve as new interests arise and the ever-evolving business of fashion changes with my customers wants, needs and desires.

Additional opportunities will arise with private label as we are able to craft partnerships with brands that want to control and specify their product needs for their customers. Working with Pendleton, Slater Zorn and other private label collaborations have been extremely rewarding.

You can find Betsy and her work below: