The Beat Goes On

Nov. 19
- 2015 -

Print Shows have a rhythm all their own. Our industry vibrates with creativity which is why the energy at shows – and surrounding the preparation for print shows – is vibrant and exciting.

As we prepare for the BluePrint Show (December 2nd, 3rd and 4th ) and Printsource (January 12th and 13th), we have scores of decisions to make.

  • What are the “newest to us” antique designs we have that our customers will want to see?
  • What is trending and what do we have in our vast archive that answers the trends?
  • Who will be at the show and what will they want to see?
  • Who will want “on trend” prints and patterns and who will want “on brand” designs? We know the difference.

Our Goal  is to have with us from Seattle what our customers will fall in love with to solve their unique design puzzles.

We enjoy playing at the shows.  And we hope all of our customers come to play with us and to feel the rhythm of the shows.