Inspiration Around the Corner

Jun. 22
- 2015 -

Corner designs in pattern work often connote table top prints and scarf prints. Let’s just say they can be challenging to work with in other uses. One look at the Valentino Spring 2015 Ready to Wear Collection demonstrates they are anything but challenging! Mini and maxi-dresses, tunics and waistcoats all take advantage of square and corner patterns. Turned on end corner florals become kaleidoscope sunbursts. On edge they are bold embellishment for hem or coattail. The results are maximum elegance.

Since design houses like Valentino help drive trends, we think early 19th century woodblock prints will trend over the next 18 months on all types of products. So we dove into our own archive to find the look. Going straight to a group of early 19th Century woodblock printed corner designs, we found them in deep vegetal hues perfect for fall and lovely when allowed to fade for spring or summer. They take on a bandana feel that way.

Easily at home as tablecloth and drapery, the hand-made quality of woodblock printed textiles with strong, solid outlines and rich blocks of color make a sensational choice for apparel, including men’s swim trunks, and accessories. They add a splash of dynamic pattern presently in demand under the “folkloric-tribal” banner.

You will find all of the images seen above, except for the truly inspired women’s wear on the Valentino models, in our collection.