France Luxe Goodness

Jun. 7
- 2013 -

Any company that offers beautiful, high quality product, excellent customer service and fun is worth talking about. Laurie Erickson’s France Luxe is one such company

The other evening I met two executives from this northwest fashion company at a Crave event for independent entrepreneurs. We learned about France Luxe’s beginnings 16 years ago and their obsession with designing hair ornaments that are useful and beautiful, and thus empowering. They offer fun “how to” videos, too. For those if us who are not fussers with our hair, these videos show us how to wear their products.

Something they didn’t mention in any depth was their “Good Wishes” project, which I later discovered while browsing the France Luxe website. The colorful bubbles of enthusiasm across the bottom of their site includes an entry to “Good Wishes”.  Give that a click and learn about their projects to help people with thinning and lost hair due to illness. This is one of their best ideas and definitely something to brag about. The combination of feeling better and looking fabulous is powerful – and something we can all participate in through their website.

Reading about “Good Wishes” I immediately called my dear friend, Penny Sefton, to tell her about the program. Penny teaches her “Look Good – Feel Better” classes to cancer treatment patients for the same purpose as France Luxe’s program.  They are soul mates when it comes to their common effort to empower people who feel helpless or hopeless.

Since France Luxe does not brag about their efforts, nor does Penny, I am bragging for both of them! And I offer them both Good Wishes for all they do for others!