Guest Post: It’s Christmas all over again

Feb. 22
- 2013 -

From time to time a Guest Writer will lend their talents to “Patterns”. This edition features Guest Blogger Claire Vorauer.

Claire is Director of Product Development for Stack Resources in Bellevue, Washington, so has an excellent perspective on the topic I invited her to cover. She writes:

It’s Christmas all over again

Just when I’ve packed up and put away the last of my own Christmas decorations I head to Frankfurt Germany for the annual trade show, “Christmasworld.” The show held at the Messe Frankfurt is the world’s premier trend show for all things Christmas and winter holiday from the smallest miniature decorations to industrial lighting for city skyscrapers.

Although the economy in Europe is still sagging but that that didn’t stop the European designers and suppliers from pulling out all the stops! Glitz, glam and glitter, Glitter, GLITTER!!! I would be remiss to say that there weren’t clean new organic shapes, but in general the theory of ‘less is more’ was overshadowed by ‘more is better’!

Frosted and flocked trees dominated over natural. This is a continuation of the white on white trend that started two years ago. The look is very high end and chic. This contrasts to the down trending looks with using burlap in every possible way.

In terms of color and pattern there were three clearly emerging trends –

Retro Vintage – In addition to Victorian vintage patterns and images this year saw more presence of 40’s-60’s era decorations and bright fun shades of fuchsia and turquoise.

Warm Copper and Honey – Think of a freshly minted penny. This was THE metallic color of the show. Perhaps with the cost of gold and silver skyrocketing the designers are looking for alternatives. Honey was a refreshing change on wood finishes.

The Blues – Periwinkle blue was everywhere, always shown with white. The solid color lights were beautiful on the flocked white trees.

All in all, plenty of newness to make one want to add to your current collection of winter holiday decorations and one more storage box for the attic!